Tourism Accreditation Courses

Tourism Accreditation Courses


Australia is among one of the countries that has their own tourism accreditation program or courses. Tourism accreditation makes sure that the tourism industry in the nation is safe, reliable and has a high quality. These days, most tourism accreditation programs are designed according to the TedQual standards which are from the UN World Tourism Organization. This will make sure that the tourism education that different countries will have will be standardize so that travellers will have a safer and better travelling experience.


TedQual is program that aims to create standards when it comes to tourism education, research and trainings. This was established by the UN World Tourism Organization. If you are a TedQual certificate holder, your level or reliability, knowledge and skills when it comes to tourism is considered equal with the TedQual holder’s standards from any country. TedQual aims to create a standard from the tourism industry all over the world. This way, travellers will know whom to trust and that their travel will be excellent. The UN World Tourism Organization will not be the one to train travel agents; they will instead offer standard tourism education. This includes tourism certificated to universities, training centres, business schools, and research institutions. There are different TedQual Certified programs offering tourism accreditation programs in Australia.

Eco Certification

Besides TedQual, there are other certifications available for tourism accreditation. Eco Certification is a tourism accreditation course which is for travel packages. This program is not available for individual agents. Eco certification is about being ecologically friendly or environmentally friendly during the travel. This means, eco certifications makes sure that the travellers will be travelling on a standard that is friendly to the environment.


The Australian Tourism Accreditation Program is best for any tourism business. This will help individual businesses and it can help develop quality management skills. It will not only help in maintaining and updating the procedures and policies of the tourism business, it can also give plenty of resources such as business development tools, templates and many more. An accredited tourism business is considered ethical, reliable, professional, and skilled operators of the tourism industry. This can also provide plenty of benefits including discounts and many more.

Tourism Accreditation Australia Ltd.

The Tourism Accreditation Australia Ltd or TAAL is good for all the sectors involved in the tourism industry in all of the States and the Territories of the Nation. The standards can be able to provide requirements of a certain tourism business to get accreditation. The size and the nature of the tourism business will determine the requirements needed to attain the accreditation. There are clear principals components and other information to let you know the standards.

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