Sports Lovers

Sports Lovers Tour of Melbourne plus Foster’s Australia Brewery


If you are passionate about sports, then this tour is designed for you. Enjoy the thrill of the game and refreshing taste of an ice-cold beer, simultaneously! An inside tour of some of Melbourne’s most famous sporting places to see where history is made and battles are won. As you drive a lap around the Formula 1 circuit, you will feel the rush of the Grand Prix. And, top off the day, a tour of the Foster’s Australia Brewery with free tastings is more than a treat. Also, Get behind the scenes of some of the iconic athletic venues in sports-enthusiastic Melbourne!

You will meet a knowledgeable and friendly guide at Federation Square in the morning and board a comfortable coach to start your action-packed day. You will first make your way to Flemington Racecourse, where you’ll enjoy the walk on the grassy track of the hoof-pounding Melbourne Cup. Also, take a tour of the residential village built for the Commonwealth Games which was made to the top standards of urban design and equipped to 6,000 official and athletes. When you feel hungry, feel free to visit Docklands for lunch near Etihad Stadium, a house of the Australian Football League.

You can continue on to Albert Park, where you’ll get a chance to drive a lap around the F1 Grand Prix circuit. Check the world-class facilities of the Melbourne Aquatic Centre and Sports to see where athletes train and take a backstage tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) or the National Sports Museum. You are requested to choose between both of them and you are supposed to make your selection at the time of booking.

In the afternoon, you will take a guided tour of the famous Foster’s Australia Brewery to check how Aussies’ favorite beers are made. Take a seat at the tasting bar and enjoy a relaxing finish to the day with samples of national favorites including Victoria Bitter, Foster’s, and Crown Lager Carlton Draught. You can order special foods and drinks during your tour, our guides will arrange you that. Hotel pickup and drop-off facilities are highly recommended for you. You will receive the confirmation at the time of booking.

Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt Experience Melbourne


(3/190 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia)


The Escape Hunt Experience is a latest and majestic concept that has finally arrived in Melbourne! It is addictive, exciting, educational, challenging, and above all fun! Now, voyage back in the hundreds of years and act as a popular detective who solves mystical problems in an amazing and unique historic settings.

This unique experience is basically based on a famous online game, popular in many countries around the world, named as “escape the room”. Originally, these were online point and click computer games, such as Myst and Crimson Room. They were then first made into real-life games in Japan near 2007. They lock all the players in a simple room with little decorations and objects such that you start getting a feeling that you are inside a computer game while solving puzzles and searching for clues trying to escape.

The idea is spread to many other places because “Escape Hunt Experience” offers something completely unique. The Escape Hunt Melbourne is a perfect fun, for example, a mini theme park where you roll back to 100 years and play the part of a popular London detective with your colleagues and try to resolve a murder mystery. As a team, you will play against the clock in one of the rooms to find the blamable suspect’s identity and thereby find an escape. You can talk about your experience in luxurious lounge area over a nice cup of tea and then suit up in period costume for photos.

This experience and completely a different type of interaction that you experience during this game are of next level. They Offer many other unique features, too. For example, our games are available to closed groups from 2 different players up to 5 player’s maximum in your private room. They also have game masters who will play with you and help you where needed and then, of course, all the post-game entertainment is entirely an experience in its own type.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Collingwood Children’s Farm


(18 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia)


Looking for some fun to do in Melbourne for the whole family? Come down to the Collingwood Children’s Farm! Here, kids can run around and squeeze the animals while the big kids relaxing over a cuppa and enjoying some lavish food at the Farm cafe. Undoubtedly, it is the one of the most popular in the country. A farm is a place where your child can get a chance to experience real farm animals. The Farm and Cafe get open, regularly. It is a non-profit inner city farm where children can stroll and interact on a real working farm. It takes you close to the farm animals and nature at a reasonably small cost.

The Farm gets open from 9.15am to 4.45pm and the Cafe remains open from 9 am to 4 pm. Entry fees are so nominal that everyone can join the fun. Just $20 for families, $10 for adults, and $5 for children.

This farm was once called as “gardens of delight” where valleys and foods, orchards, and meadows present a splendid beauty. Furthermore, the Collingwood Children’s Farm offers a natural environment for your personal events or function.

There are, also, free tractor rides, pony rides, and guinea pig cuddles during the morning and an affordable lavish BBQ lunch that starts at 11.30 am until a complete sold out. You can help to milk the cow at 10 am and 4 pm.

The Farm Cafe also provide a service for weddings, corporate family, and the casual get together. This Incredible location is only a few kilometers from Melbourne. This is available for all sorts of events with its sweeping meadows and majestic bush setting on the Yarra River. The Farm Cafe provides scrumptious food which is passionately prepared and also offers the full event management for your next event at the Farm or around Melbourne. Collingwood Children’s Farm is lucky enough to have one of Melbourne’s best cafes snuggled inside their grounds.

City Sightseeing

City Sightseeing 


(Flinders Street, Russell Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia)


Are you visiting Melbourne city for the first time? Sightseeing through the bus is highly recommended and perfect for you. Doesn’t matter if you are traveling alone or with family, it would be a whole new type offun for you, all together. You can stay on the bus as it travels around the worthy sights or spend as much time as you want on a spot and then board to the next location.

You can thoroughly enjoy and explore the parts of the Melbourne that you wouldn’t have visited on your own. Professional guides are available for guidance who will enlighten you about the interesting facts and figures of different places. They will starkly explain you the Melbourne’s culture and society at each station. This tour is iconic to understand the city of Melbourne.

So much fun is waiting for you at Great ocean road tour. Guides will not only tell you interesting stories about the city but also, they make sure that you are feeling comfortable and you don’t have any problem.

Melbourne is famous for its major cultural and sporting events, swanky fashion, the food, arts and so much more! It is going to be a great fun to enjoy the vibrant color of Melbourne on top of double decker buses. A fun that you wouldn’t want to miss at all. Panoramic view and audio commentary amuse the visitors, so that, they can enjoy the cosmopolitan at their best. Visitors do have the option to choose the city sight option or St Kilda beach tour or can choose the both, amazingly, on the same price. Unlimited fun is waiting for you. The choice is yours!

This tour will consume your whole day during which you will have short stops along the coastline and experience the natural wildlife of Australia in their natural habitat and you will get a chance to explore the little portion of rainforest, too. This tour is highly recommended by previous visitors. Many visitors make promises to come again and most of the time they come again, too.

Art Play


Art Play 


(Birarrung Marr, Behind Federation Square, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia)


A creative arts studio is waiting for your children and you right in the heart of the Melbourne. You can find it at the Federation Square next to the Yarra River. At this unique artistic place, children can express their artistic and creative projects with their families and get a chance to work alongside professional artists. A super fun playground is also there for the kids to burn off some energy, as well. The city of Melbourne knows the importance of street art in contributing to an enthusiastic urban culture. Melbourne’s street art has, now, become internationally recognized and become a source of attraction for local and overseas people to experience the Melbourne’s creative environs.

Melbourne is also known for its romance with art. Walk around the city is always gilded with innovative visual experiences of street art and public artworks in laneways, gardens, buildings, and on the waterfront.

The artwork is a place where children, from babies to 12-year-olds, explore their ingenuity and share unique artistic skills with professional experts. They have hundreds of workshops, events, and performances every year. There are, also, short workshops for children and creative experiences for elders. The artists, workshop contents, and participants mirror the Melbourne’s diversity. The City of Melbourne’s native Arts Program reinforces art’s workers, indigenous artists and community members to produce, organize, and manage arts and cultural projects. In doing so, they acknowledge, support, and respect the rights of native artists and communities to find their own artistic practice and ethnic priorities. Also, they support to increase the opportunities for employment and economic development.

Public art can be a constant attribute of the cityscape or momentous; there one day, gone the next. It can be a thing to look or experience. No matter what form it takes, public art is all about ideas, and it is there to make life more colorful and wonderful.

Arts House is one of Australia’s most exciting synchronous arts presenters. It is a kinetic program of activities covers the development and presentation of multidisciplinary, innovative, and high-caliber festival season works. Stroll the City of Melbourne’s streets and laneways, parks and waterfront. You will find the inspiring works of art in surprising places.

Ghost Walking Tour

Small-Group Ghost Walking Tour of Melbourne


Don’t miss the chance of ghost walk tour at the Melbourne’s scariest haunted position. This tour would be of 2.5 hours, and you can explore the oldest and largest cities in the continent by probing haunted locations of the 17th century. Traditionally, we call spirit or soul of the deceased person or animals which appear as visible form as the ghost. They usually haunt specific places, objects, and people. Hear stories, ghost trains, phantom armies, ghost animals, and phantom ships. If you are a disbeliever, this 2.5-hour walking tour will astonish you when you venture through ghost related areas dating back hundreds of years.

If you meet your guide at the National Trust of Australia, you need to travel a short distance to your first haunted hotspot, the Queen Victoria Market. Here, you’ll listen to the ghastly ghost of Melbourne’s founder and discover frightening tails surrounding his existence. Next, you will be directed to the Old Melbourne Jail which is haunted by the ghostly appearances of Swizzy Taylor who was an Australian criminal and gangster who demised violently before his 40th birthday.

All of you will be very engrossed and wanted to know more. So, If you haven’t seen enough yet, you will be taken to the Princess Theatre and learn about the terrible trap door death, as well as, the Melbourne General graveyard where many ghosts are known to return.

Hear stories of the iconic Ned Kelly which is an Australian bush-ranger outlawed for the murder of police officers back in the 1800’s, as well as, Mark Chopper Read accused with armed robbery, assault, and kidnapping in the late 1900’s.

You will be provided with the Complete Operator information. In addition, local telephone numbers are managed at your destination and included on your Confirmation Voucher. Our Product Managers select only the maximum experienced and trust-worthy operators in each destination. So, it removes the guesswork for you and assure you your peace of mind. We advise you to check the pricing and availability on your preferred travel date. Constantly, our pricing is updated to ensure you the minimum price possible.

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