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There is no doubt when visiting a new city, whether you are Australian or from Overseas, the myriad of things to do can be overwhelming.
Find select “must see” or “must do” activities when in Melbourne and Victoria. From bustling cafes and markets, to sophisticated bars and art galleries.

Families are not left wanting either with cost effective family entertaining on tap. Check out the pick of the todays must see things to do in Melbourne

Tourism Accreditation Victoria

Tourism accreditation is an important asset to the tourism industry of Australia. Accreditation continues to improve the standards of the tourism in Australia. This is especially designed to make the quality of dealing with tourism business in Australia better. With the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program, getting accreditation is easier. The ATAP aligns the six state territories of Australia and all the tourism accreditation programs in each of this territory to allow tourism operators all over Australia to get accreditation easier via online. ATAP is a national online accreditation program that is widely based on Quality Assurance Principles. Tourism operations can now get accreditation online by applying for Australian Tourism Accreditation online. The accreditation uses a professional management system that will allow tourism business operations to become reliable, consistent, and give them predictability in conducting business. This can improve the customer service and the customer satisfaction.


One of the Tourism Accreditation involved in the Australia Tourism Accreditation Program is Victoria. The tourism operations in Victoria can now be easily accredited with the help of ATAP. With ATAP, the tourism business operations in Victoria can conveniently get their accreditation online via the ATAP. In Victoria, they recognize achievements and contributions of outstanding tourism businesses in Victoria. This coming March 2, 2012, they will be holding the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards. This is one of the most prestigious awards of Victoria for the tourism operation businesses. The National Tourism Awards is also calling for the National Award for Outstanding Contribution by an Individual Awards nominations.


There are certain things and guidelines that the accreditation promote for tourism businesses for the tourism operations to become successful. They encourage these tourism operations to properly plan how their businesses will function. They also encourage that the expectations of the customers must be met. They also encourage each of these tourism operations to follow the codes and practices set by the standards of the accreditation. They must also follow the regulations. Improve how they implement the regulations of the business and the entire tourism industry. The policies and procedures concerning the customer service, human resource, risk management and the environment must be properly implemented. The accreditation makes the businesses between the customers and the tourism industry easier.


When tourism operations in Victoria get accreditation, there are certain advantages that they will get. The tourism operation will have a better reputation in the community if they get accreditation. The tourism operations may win the Victorian Tourism Awards. The customers will have higher confidence with the tourism operations that has accreditation. The tourism operations with accreditation wil also find it easier to satisfy their customers. Employees and management will be more effective and efficient with accreditation.


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